Quality Management System

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev provided WERTEKS with the Russian Governmental Award for Quality, 2017.
Upon selecting our Company WERTEKS you choose the producer with the priority of production and processes.
Winner of the Russian Government Award for Quality, 2017.
Image Product quality management from design to release.
We have created the Quality Management System which we constantly develop and perfect.
Its purpose is to guarantee that any our product always complies with the specific requirements brought for it, and that otherwise cannot be released to the consumers.
System is designed to ensure and constantly maintain the appropriate quality level of product, and to satisfy the quality requirements of the Standard in the areas of: quality control and quality assurance, research and development, production, packaging and marking, logistics – and also for the enhancement of Company's business operations.
Image Quality control at the each
stage of the production process.
All production stages are covered – from incoming inspection of raw materials and supplies quality upon the delivery to the Company's warehouse, to quality control of each released series of ready products.
Throughout the whole production process the control of semi-finished products is carried out, as well as the control of fulfilling the requirements of the good manufacturing practice.
Compliance of Company's remedy production to the Standard is confirmed by the Conclusions of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.
WERTEKS was one of the first to receive them in 2015.
Is the national and international standard, which Company's Quality System meets.
Provisions of the International Conference Guide for harmonization of the requirements for registration of medicinal products for people ICH
ICH Q8 Pharmaceutical Developments, ICH Q9 Quality Risks Management, and ICH Q10 Pharmaceutical Quality System.