Our Mission
We care about improving the quality of life and strengthening the health of millions of people, by producing effective, safe, quality and affordable products.
SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
Today in Company’s portfolio there are more than 280 items, including original combined preparations to be applied in dermatology, gynecology and otolaryngology, without any currently available analogues. And also there are remedy brands and generics, and cosmetic brands products.
the first
RESIDENT OF SEZ (Special Economic Zone) Saint-Petersburg with the operating pharmaceutical Plant on the Novoorlovskaya site.
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For two years the Company has built the Innovation and Production Complex of the total area of 22.000 m2, and began the production of remedies in 2015. 
In 2018 the company has moved into the second stage of the construction of its production and innovation complex, which consists of laboratories and a warehouse. It includes research laboratories, administrative and office facilities, and a high-rack warehouse. 
In the same year, the company began to build the third stage of the pharmaceutical complex. This is a production building.
In 2019, the building of the second stage was put into operation.
among the largest fast-growing domestic pharmaceutical producers in sales volumes
in Russian pharmacies in terms of value (2018, data provided by the marketing agency DSM Group)
Russian series of products for hair growth stimulation and against hair loss – ALERANA®
We brought our flagmanship cosmetic brand to the market in 2004. For several years, it has been leading in sales volumes in pharmacies in different segments – data provided by DSM Group, as of 2018 and earlier. In 2017 ALERANA® Intensive Replenishment Hair Mask won the Best of Beauty Award of Glamour Russia magazine. In 2018, the brand also won in the category “Hair care product (from falling out)” as a result of online voting of the annual national consumer confidence award MARK No. 1 IN RUSSIA® - 2018.
combined medicinal products without any analogues available.
Area of use: gynecology, dermatology and otolaryngology.
remedy items – under development and registration, including original
combined, innovative preparations and generics
patents for inventions and
useful models
We regularly receive a high outside assessment of our work for economic indicators, production development, innovations, quality and efficiency of top management work – both from expert and business societies. Our Company and products are constantly included into the ratings of maximum values and growth. The achievements are acknowledged by regional and federal official bodies.
Winner of the Russian Governmental Award for Quality, 2017.
Saint-Petersburg Governmental Award for the Best Innovative Product 2017.
For the original combined medicinal drug to be applied in gynecology and dermatology and venereology.
Certificates of Acknowledgement from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and Saint-Petersburg’s Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.
For great contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry.
Company is in cooperation with federal and regional authorities, entities, structures, among them: the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the Russian Ministry of Health, Saint-Petersburg Government, Special Economic Zones, and others. Company is included into industrial groups and interacts with leading high educational institutions. Among our commercial partners are 6 pharmaceutical distributors. Altogether, the products are represented in more than 65.000 pharmacies.