WERTEKS is the Winner of the Russian Government Quality Award, 2017

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev awarded the pharmaceutical company WERTEKS with the highest state award for quality.
Among 10 award-holders:
WERTEKS is the only pharmaceutical producer and the only company from Saint-Petersburg.
Among all participants of the competition WERTEKS is the leader
in the criterion Processes, Production and Services
The Award was received by Company CEO Georgy Pobelyanskiy and Quality Management Director Elena Karasyova first-hand from the Prime Minister. The awarding was held at the Russian Government House on the Global Quality Day, on 9 November 2017.
The award is presented for achieving significant results in product and service quality and for the implementation of highly-effective methods of quality management.
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The contestants for the highest award for quality were selected by the Council for the Awarding of Russian Government Quality Awards, which is headed by the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. Since 2017 the competition for the award is run by Roskachestvo.
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Video: WERTEKS – the Winner of the Russian Government Quality Award, 2017, video by Roskachestvo.
About the Russian Government Quality Award
Awarded by the Russian Chairman of Government since 1996. This is the biggest national project on quality management in Russia.
280 Russian enterprises from 61 constituents applied for the Award in 2017. It is almost 6 times more than in 2016 – 49 entries, and in 2015 – 42.