Innovation and Production Complex

Location: Novoorlovskaya site, Special Economic Zone Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Compliance to Global Standards
600.000+ tablets per hour – is the total maximum capacity of Company’s tablet presses
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First stage, opened in 2015
The second stage - laboratory and warehouse building, construction is underway
The third stage - the production building, under construction
Compliance to Global Standards
More than > 600.000 tablets per hour – is the total maximum capacity of Company's tablet presses.
Equipment from leading manufacturers
GMP – the standard is confirmed by the conclusions of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
24/7 – production operation of the Complex
3D visualization
of the pharmaceutical complex
How the Pharmaceutical Complex Appeared
WERTEKS is the first resident of SEZ (Special Economic Zone) Saint-Petersburg, which has implemented the project on Novoorlovskaya site and began remedies production in 2015.
In 2010 WERTEKS became the resident of the Special Economic Zone Saint-Petersburg on Novoorlovskaya site to implement the large-scale projecton building the Innovation and Production Complex.
Start of the design process.
Appearance on the construction site.
Official opening of the Innovation and Production Complex and the start of remedies production

We built the pharmaceutical plant of the total area of more than 20.000 m2 for 2 years
Construction of the second (laboratory, warehouse) and third (production) stages of the innovation and production complex
Main divisions of the first stage of the pharmaceutical complex
Main site and small series site
Clean Spaces of the total area of more than 4.000 m2
10 blister and carton packing lines in the packaging area: for tablets and capsules, and also for filling tubes and bottles – for soft and liquid drug forms
Laboratory Complex
The total area of more than 1.000 m2
Warehouse Complex
Of the total volume of more than 8.000 m3
Air handling spaces
The total area of 3.000 m2
Office spaces
Main Stages of the Production Process
Dry mixing of components
Granulation – moist mixing: meaning creation of granules from mixture for bigger flowing properties and equal dosage of substances in future remedies
Tableting and capsulation: creation of tablets and capsules. We also produce soft and liquid medicinal products – i.e. ointments, creams, gels and solutions
Filling and packaging
Putting of remedies into primary and secondary packaging
Quality Control at the each stage