HONDREX® Warming body cream
Active components
  • Myalgia (muscles pain), including one caused by excessive physical activity.
  • Orthopedic traumas: bruises, sprains, strains.
  • Prevention of joint and spine diseases caused by sedentary life and excessive joint stress.
  • Apparent weather sensitivity (joint discomfort during changes in atmospheric pressure and increased humidity).
  • Auxiliary remedy for joint diseases (osteoarthritis, secondary osteoarthrosis, polyarthritis) and spine diseases (osteochondrosis).
  • Prevention of seasonal exacerbations of joint diseases.


  • Fast effect after applied on skin.
  • Apparent warming effect.
  • 12 activecomponents providing triple effect: relieving pain, reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation.
  • Specially selected concentrations of active components provide therapeutic effect.
  • Special extraction methods of active medical plant components maintain properties similar to synthetic NSAID effects.
Natural components ensure minimal contraindications as well as possibility to combine with other class of drugs (cardiovascular, gastroenterological and others) without alteration of effect and risk of adverse effects.


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Castor oil, wormwood extract, soybean oil, arnica extract, beeswax, panthenol, pepper extract, honey extract, camphor, bisabolol, calendula extract, ginger oil.
Rub with light motions into joint area or body problematic areas. Apply 2-3 times per day. Avoid open wounds, abrasions, mucous, do not apply under occlusive (breathless) bandage. Wash hands thoroughly with warm water after application.