NORMAVEN® Foot care cream
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Active components
Vein toner relieving fatigue and sense of heaviness in feet, strengthening blood vessel walls, reducing and preventing edema, improving legs appearance. Foot care at home.
Ginkgo biloba extract, horse chestnut extract, green tea extract, bilberry extract, wormwood extract, menthol, vitamin A, C and E, lemon essential oil, panthenol.
Apply on legs from down to top with light massaging motions until it's completely absorbed, 1-2 times per day.

Assessment of NORMAVEN® Cream Efficiency after 3 months of treatment*

Elimination of heavy sensation in feet. Relief of heaviness in feet. Elimination of edema Elimination of cramps. Disappearance of vascular patterns. *NORMAVEN® Vein Toning product was tested by State Health Care Institution Municipal Polyclinic No. 49, Women Clinic (4 months).