ASEPTA® Baby toothpaste (for 0 to 3 year olds)
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Active components
For gentle care of babies gums and milk teeth:
  • ensures safe cleansing of milk teeth and gums due to soft gel base;
  • decreases inflammation and unpleasant sensations at teething;
  • helps to maintain normal oral cavity micro-flora and promotes healthy teeth growth.
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BABY» или детскую зубную щетку небольшое количество пасты. Чистить зубы не менее минуты. Прополоскать рот водой. Детям чистить зубы в присутствии взрослых.
Aloe and chamomile extracts, fennel oil, calcium lactate, xylitol. Safe at accidental ingestion. Doesn't contain fluorine, abrasives, parabens, antiseptics, dyes, sodium lauryl sulfate.
Suitable for daily use.