ASEPTA® Healthy gums set
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Designed for intensive recovery of gums in case of inflammation and bleeding.

The Set Contains

  • ASEPTA® GINGIVAL ADHESIVE BALM for Active Local Effect on Focal Inflammation
  • ASEPTA® ACTIVE Mouthwash for Enhanced Antibacterial Effect and
  • Pain Relief of Hyper-Sensitive Gums
  • GIFT – ASEPTA® ACTIVE Therapeutic Toothpaste for Oral Cavity Gentle Hygiene For Inflammatory Processes of Mouth Mucous Membrane
1. Brush teeth using ASEPTA® ACTIVE Therapeutic Toothpaste for 2-3 minutes. Rinse mouth with water. 2. Rinse mouth with ASEPTA® ACTIVE Mouthwash for 20 seconds. 3. Apply ASEPTA® Gingival Adhesive Balm on inflamed areas of mouth mucous membrane. It is not recommended to eat and drink for first 30 minutes after balm is applied.
  • Anti-inflammatory efficiency improved by 60%.
  • Improved hemostatic effect.

* Pavlov’s SPbSMU, 2013.