Camelox® gel with allantoin and plant extracts
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Active components

For prevention of formation and improvement of appearance of cicatrices, scars and striae after surgical procedures, traumas, burns and acne.

 Camelox® gel with allantoin:
  • contributes to skin regeneration;
  • softens skin and makes it more elastic;
  • improves appearance of striae and cicatrix tissue;
  • stimulates production of collagen, restricts expansion of cicatrix tissue cells.
Applicable for any types of cicatrices. However, components of natural origin in gel stimulate collagen production and contribute to skin regeneration; therefore, application of CAMELOX® gel with allantoin is especially effective for normotrophic and atrophic cicatrices – post-acne and striae.

Tube, 20 g

Allantoin keeps
Moisture in surface skin layers, improves blood circulation, provides regenerating, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic effect.
Heparin sodium 
Keeps moisture within cells, straps microcracks.
Onion extract 
Stimulates collagen production, contributes to skin cell renewal and improvement of appearance of cicatrix tissue. It provides fibrinolytic effect and restricts expansion of cicatrix tissue cells.
Provides anti-inflammatory effect, makes tissue restoration processes more rapid.
Rosemary essential oil
Improves blood microcirculation, contributes to tissue regeneration


New cicatrices: after healing a wound, apply on cicatrix tissue 2 or 3 times a day, gently rub until absorbed completely. Apply during 1 month.
Old cicatrices (over 1 year): apply 2-4 times a day, rubbing by massaging motions. Apply daily during 3 months.
To make effect stronger, you may stew your skin before gel application. May be used in combination with physiotherapeutical procedures.