CAMELOX® gel with silicone
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Active components
Camelox with silicone shall be used for cosmetic skin correction in areas of hypertrophic and keloidal cicatrices. It improves appearance for any cicatrices or scars resulting from surgical procedures, traumas and burns.
Silicone derivatives within the gel composition prevent moisture loss, contributing to hydration of horny skin layer; this is good for keeping skin elasticity.
Silicone dries up and forms bandage-like structure fixing a cicatrix and controlling its tension to reduce stretching.
Gel effect:
  • Provides prevention of formation of cicatrices after surgical procedures and traumas
  • Contributes to keeping uniform skin moisturizing
  • Smoothes and softens protruding cicatrices, restores colour, improves their aesthetic appearance
  • Alleviates itch and discomfort, reduces skin redness
Tube, 15 g.

Normalises the processes of collagen synthesis and prevents cicatrices from spreading. Gel forms elastic air-permeable film fixing a cicatrix and controlling its tension. It is especially effective for hypertrophic and keloidal cicatrices, in particular at their early formation stages.
After healing a wound, apply gel on cicatrix tissue 2 times a day: rib small quantity of gel into a cicatrix by gentle massaging motions. Apply on clean and dry skin only. After gel drying up, cosmetic products may be applied over it.
The minimal period of prophylactic course shall be at least 2 months; for complicated cicatrisation, longer application may be necessary.
For external use only. Never use on open wounds.
Not recommended for use in case of intolerance to any components.