ALERANA® PHARMA CARE Shampoo – maximum volume formula
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Active components
The series for hair growth stimulation and for making hair stronger. Due to the unique composition of products, density can be added, starting from roots, by enlarging hair diameter. Maximum volume and thickness for your hair. To achieve maximum effect, use in combination with the balsam. Suitable for frequent and long-term application.

Result: +45% more volume
Active components: 
  • Volume forming complex. Increases volume significantly due to the formation of additional space between hairs. It also improves hair appearance, elasticity and manageability.
  • Peptides complex. The multifunctional peptide mix effectively works in several ways: it creates volume effect by enlarging hair diameter; moisturizes; renders hair elasticity and silkiness. This is a balanced source of 22 indispensable amino acids.
  • AnaGain. Phytonutrient-rich component that affects hair follicles intensifying cell metabolism, and makes hair growth more active. Provides stimulating effect on hair roots, resulting in their life cycle extension.
How to use:
Apply onto wet hair, massage head skin, leave for 3 minutes, then wash off with water. Suitable for frequent and long-term application.

Tube, 260 ml