ALERANA® PHARMA CARE Shampoo – ultra detox formula
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Active components
Deeply cleaning shampoo delicately affects head skin and hair. Neutralizes the effects of hair-styling agents, high temperatures, sun light, weather, environment pollutants. Prepares hair for further care, improves its effectiveness. Suitable for frequent and long-term application.
Result: in 76% of cases, long-lasting feeling of clean hair

Active components:
  • BIO ACETUM. Natural component for deep cleaning of head skin and hair. Preservs initial pH balance, normalizes sebum production, reduces head skin peeling, seals cuticle pells.
  • Pro.Care AOX. Plant-origin bioprotector with enhanced antioxidant effect. Protects hair against stress and prevents structural changes resulting from high temperatures, sun light, environment pollutants. Makes hair elastic and strong.
  • AnaGain. Phytonutrient-rich component that affects hair follicles intensifying cell metabolism, and makes hair growth more active. Provides stimulating effect on hair roots, resulting in their life cycle extension.
How to use:
Apply onto wet hair, massage head skin, leave for 3 minutes, then wash off with water. Suitable for frequent and long-term application.
Tube, 260 ml