ALERANA® Serum BIO active complex for hair growth
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Active components
The innovative formula of ALERANA® serum has been developed by specialists of VERTEX Pharmaceutical Company for hair growth stimulation. The serum contains a wide complex of plant-origin active components that intensify cell metabolism in hair follicles, make hair growth more active, prevent hair loss, contribute to hair thickness increase.

Recommended for limp hair growth stimulation, for making them healthier and stronger. Due to its natural composition, the serum has no restrictions in terms of its consumer group.
  • stimulates new hair growth
  • makes hair stronger in hair bulbs
  • makes hair follicle ageing process slower
  • provides intensive hair nourishment
  • contributes to thickness increase
  • restores hair and makes them stronger 
Bottle, 100 ml

  • AnaGain®* Phytonutrient-rich component affects hair follicles intensifying cell metabolism, improves nourishment of roots, makes hair growth more active. Provides stimulating effect on dermal cells significantly extending hair life cycle, and contributes to hair thickness increase. Hair growth factor +78%*
*AnaGain. "Hair no-loss effect and growth reactivation". Growth factor (Anagen/Telogen). Mibelle Biochemistry, Switzerland 2012.
  • RootBio ®* Bioactive substances in high concentration make stronger the structure of head skin dermis, help to stop hair loss, contribute to hair volume increase. Hair loss reduction by 31%**
** RootBio. "Hair no-loss effect" Mibelle Biochemistry, Switzerland 2014
  • Piroctone olamine demonstrates active antifungal properties. It prevents reproduction of fungus causing dandruff, alleviates itch and eliminates head skin peeling, improving oxygen access to hair bulbs
  • Dexpanthenol affects both head skin and hair throughout its full length. It normalizes metabolism, moisturizes and soothes head skin. Dexpanthenol penetrates into hair stems and improves hair condition, rendering strength and shine

Apply on wet or dry scalp, use 1 time per day. Massage. Recommended course of application 4 months.